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George Zimmerman was born on October 5, 1983, in Manassas, Virginia, in a family with four children. 

George’s father has built a long and successful military career in Fairfax County, Virginia, so that’s where the childhood and teenage years of George took place. In 2002, his father retired from the services, and they decided to relocate to Florida.

The entire family of George Zimmerman was very religious. The boy was being raised as a devout Catholic.

In his adult years, Zimmerman encountered certain issues with the law. Namely, in 2005, George was arrested for assaulting an officer who was under the cover. The charges for this case were dropped soon, but just a month later, Zimmerman received a restraining order from his former fiance for domestic violence.

In 2007, George married Shellie Dean, and in 2009, they moved to Sanford, Florida, where Zimmerman became a volunteer at the neighborhood watch. In 2012, in the same city, while still being a watcher, Zimmerman shot a 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Who is George Zimmerman? What exactly did he do, and what is happening to him right now? On this George Zimmerman website, you will find out the complete story behind the life, tragedy, and current days of George Zimmerman. 

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The fatal Zimmerman shooting took place on February 26, 2012, in The Retreat at Twin Lakes community (Sanford, FL), where George and his wife used to live. At that point, Zimmerman was already a coordinator of the neighborhood watch in his community.

The victim was Trayvon Martin, who happened to be temporarily staying in that gated community at the time of the murder. Trayvon was an African-American high school student who was only 17 when George Zimmerman fatally shot him.

On February 26, George and Trayvon had an altercation, during which George killed Trayvon, who was apparently unarmed. Zimmerman called the police himself. Officers arrived within two minutes after a gunshot. 

The police had no doubts concerning who killed Trayvon Martin, so Zimmerman was immediately taken into custody and questioned for several hours. At the moment of arrest, George himself had head injuries, which hinted towards self-defense.

Soon after this, George was released from custody, and the police chief claimed there was no evidence that would disprove Zimmerman’s version about self-defense. And, according to the local laws, if it was self-defense, George had a right to use lethal force.

However, the news about this case was spreading too fast and had intense and rather misleading coverage in media, which lead to George eventually being charged with murder six weeks after the shooting. His trial began in 2013 and lasted for a month, after which George was acquitted of all charges due to the lack of evidence, though the investigation continued.


What ethnicity is George Zimmerman? In fact, George’s background is rather interesting. Zimmerman’s father, Robert, is an American with German background who had a long military career, and his mother, Gladys, has Peruvian descent.

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Although the victim was an African American, based on the collected information concerning George Zimmerman ethnicity, the Attorney of the state of Florida concluded that the case was “never about race.”


So, was George Zimmerman a police officer? Not exactly a police officer, but he was indirectly connected with law enforcement structures at different points of his life.

First, in his teenage years, George Zimmerman wanted to join the Marines and attended the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program.

Also, he volunteered in the local neighborhood watch, which wasn’t officially registered under the national program but was administered by the police department. More facts can be revealed in your essay, and it is quite an interesting practice. But if you don't have enough experience, you can ask for "write my paper for me" professional writers who will help you realize ideas quickly.


The same day when George Zimmerman shot Trayvon, he called the police himself and was arrested. The accusation of murder followed six weeks later. 

The trial on the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman case started on June 10, 2013. The two main charges for George were manslaughter and second-degree murder. The trial ended on July 13 of the same year, and a jury acquitted George Zimmerman of the charges.

The US DOJ (Department of Justice) continued investigation on civil rights charges against George. The investigation went on for three years until, in February 2015, the DOJ dropped charges because there was no sufficient evidence.

During the trial, Zimmerman was held in jail. On April 23, 2012, he was released on bail of $150,000. However, soon, the court found out that George collected over $200,000 in donations through his site, and it turned out that he had a second passport, so he was put back in jail, and the new nail was set to $1 million. Nevertheless, one day later, Zimmerman was released again after paying 10% of the bail required to qualify for a release.

Read on to learn about what is going on with George Zimmerman now.


If you are wondering where is George Zimmerman now and what happened to him after the trial, there is not much we know. 

We know that in 2013, George was trying to sell his own paintings on eBay. The first painting was an American flag that he managed to sell for over $100,000, but as it soon turned out, for this painting, he used the image from Shutterstock without author attribution. 

The year after the case was closed, in 2014, George Zimmerman was at the same time jobless and homeless.

In 2016, Zimmerman also attempted to run an auction for the gun he used to kill Trayvon Martin. Yet, the fate of George Zimmerman now is rather shady.

Apparently, the life of George Zimmerman today is still unstable. If you search for the “George Zimmerman 2020” request, all you’ll find is the information concerning his recent lawsuits.


Though we don’t know about the life of George Zimmerman today, according to George himself, as well as his closest surrounding, the trial and time in jail hit him so hard that he still can’t recover. The loss of reputation led to the loss of employment and income, not to mention further issues with the law linked with domestic violence and a streak of scandals.

Eventually, he was left alone and broke.

The most recent news related to George Zimmerman and his life all span across his attempt to sue the family of his victim Trayvon Martin for $100 million.



On the night of February 26, 2012, after enduring a prolonged physical attack from Trayvon Martin, screaming for help countless times and receiving no help, and all the while in fear for my life, I shot Trayvon Martin in self-defense. I did not shoot to take his life, I shot to save my own.

The night of the shooting I was taken to the Sanford police station and was read my Miranda rights. Aware I had the right to remain silent, I chose to tell investigators what happened. In the hours and days that followed, I cooperated completely with the authorities, and during that thorough investigation, the consensus among law enforcement was that I should not be charged.

However, in the days and weeks following the shooting a story was promoted that I am a racist and a murderer. These untruths spread through the community, the government, and the nation, amplified by a media frenzy seeking ratings over truth. This was no more apparent than when NBC repeatedly edited the recording of a call I made, intentionally misrepresenting me as a racist. Unfortunately, their plan worked, truth suffered that day, and my family and I have suffered every day since. That is why I am filing a lawsuit against NBC. The details of the complaint can be found on a website created by my legal team:

What happened that night was a tragedy: a tragedy that NBC exploited, creating an opportunity for profit. I am holding NBC accountable for its actions. If NBC had not spread lies and falsifications about me, this lawsuit would not exist. This lawsuit is a product of NBC's intentional distortion of facts. I do not know, because of my situation, how I will be able to provide for my wife and myself in the future, and so I expect NBC to be held responsible. The unjustified public persecution of me because of NBC's actions is wrong. It shouldn't have happened to me, and it shouldn't happen to anyone.

In the last several months, the prosecutors have released evidence regarding this case, and the evidence speaks for itself regarding my innocence. As this lawsuit moves forward, I hope the existence of this exonerating evidence will be broadcast with at least a fraction of the publicity afforded to the lies and misrepresentations. I deserve that and those who have been misinformed deserve that. However, that will be up to the ethical journalists who will spread the truth without regard or concern for political or social pressure.